They are here!

The twins arrived on 06 July.  They are perfect in every way and we are getting into a routine now. They will be three weeks tomorrow and I can’t believe how fast the first weeks have gone!


Their birth was pretty non-eventful, with the exception of them arriving which was monumental!  The anesthesiologist struggled with my spinal and had around four go’s…and I started swearing around number three.  Wasn’t pretty.  But soon all was good in the world when my two babes arrived.

I really was expecting them to go into ICU, but they didn’t!  They were in the room with me the entire time and came home with us…no problems!  So happy.

We are trying hard to keep everyone on a similar schedule and some nights are better than others, but overall it is amazing.  I can’t believe I had twins!  I can’t believe I carried them to just shy of 38 weeks.  I am so proud and so happy they are here…especially happy they are out now so I can have my body back!

So happy! We are a family of five now.  I honestly never thought we would have any babies at all….sweet miracles. What a journey we have had, with three happy endings 🙂


37 weeks – Eviction Notice Served

I can’t believe I am 37 weeks and these babies have not budged!  I definitely thought they would be here by now.  They are both around 3.0kgs, nice and big for twins….but what a load to carry! Although they have dropped and both heads are down low, my lungs and stomach are in my throat!

So we have a Caesar scheduled for Wednesday, unless I go into labour ahead of time.  My Dr decided to go overseas to a conference this week (without telling me!) so I am kind of freaking out.  Although his stand in is an amazing OB with a tonne of experience, so I am in good hands regardless, but you still want your own Dr.  

I have been on leave for two weeks now, although work keeps calling me.  It is nice to be needed, but I really need to focus on these babies now.  I am hoping that when the babies come, work will leave me alone for a bit.  I have been able to rest and sleep and just completely zone out most of the time, which has been amazing knowing all the work and sleepless nights that are coming.

I am still in shock that there are two babies!  Still so unreal.  Anyways, next post will hopefully be the birth story.  Gosh it goes by fast…I have loved being pregnant, but so ready for babies to be outside of me now. I want my body back please 🙂

34 weeks…they will be here very soon!

So a lot of time has passed since my last post.  I am now 34 weeks and my last day of work is tomorrow.  It is just getting too difficult to drive, sit, move…breath!  It has really only been since 32 weeks that I have gotten so big and uncomfortable.

I still can’t believe I am about to have twins!  It is all so surreal.  But we are ready, or as ready as we will ever be.  I am more worried about my 2 year old and how he will manage.  His whole world is about to get very crazy…but he is pretty easy going – for a toddler – so hoping that will continue once babies arrive.

We are monitoring babies weekly now.  They are both measuring nicely, around 2.5kgs and growing every week.  Their growth hasn’t really slowed yet.  They were monitoring me for preeclampsia but nothing they are concerned with so far.  I am having a lot of pelvic pain, so just trying to take it slow.

I can’t really complain.  I have had (another) amazing pregnancy even though carrying twins is definitley more challenging than a singleton.  But I haven’t had any complications and babies are doing well.

So I am hoping for a few days of sleep next week before these babies come.  So hoping they stay put for another week.

16 weeks…one of each

I can’t believe I am already 16 weeks.  I think I started my last blog post with the same sentence. It really is going so fast.  We had a scan today and all is well.  We were able to find out that one twin is a boy!  Yippee!  And the other is not confirmed, but the Dr thinks it is a girl.  We will have to wait another month until the next scan to confirm the sex if baby #2.  

I grew up in a family of all girls, with girl cousins next door.  I was scared of having two girls.  I am loving being a mommy to a boy.  Although I am sure I would have been fine if it was two girls….but I have to say I am so happy I get one more boy.  Although…if we want to get serious, sex is not a given gender identity and I am happy for all of my kids to be whoever and whatever gender they choose.

So 16 weeks in, I am having some serious round ligament pain, mostly on the right side.  I hope it is not going to get any worse as I grow.  I have an appetite that is beyond human.  Although I am more of a grazer.  I eat little bits, but all day long.  Every 30 minutes pretty much.  I haven’t gained much weight but my belly is huge for 16 weeks.  

I finally was able to get a hold of all my family members, so they all know about the twins now.  So glad the cat is out of the bag.

And that is the update….

Barfy New Year

I am 11 weeks now…crazy.  I had some slight nausea, but it has decided to kick into high gear the last couple of days.  So although I went to bed at 830pm last night and didn’t have any New Years libations…I feel hung over.  Ugh.

I am definitely starting to show, way early but I guess that is normal for your second and there are two.  I still can’t believe we are having two.  We have our next scan in a week and I hope everything is fine.  Not as much heartburn so far, but boy am I nauseous.  I am hoping this subsides soon, I am way more nauseous this time around.

We just arrived home yesterday from travels to the family for Christmas.  It was a long drive, but our little one – who is almost 2! – did really well for his first road trip.  

I am really excited to find out the sex of these other fellas, but will have to wait a few more weeks for that.  Then it will all start being a little more real.  My mom is arriving in 3 weeks, and we haven’t told her we are pregnant yet.  So that will be fun.  So lots to look forward to…other than this nausea!


So we had our first scan last week…and it was confirmed we are having twins.  Our Dr showed us the heartbeat and I was all smiles.  Then he said, ‘That is one’ and I said, ‘There is one’, which he replied, ‘That is the one heartbeat…and this is the second’

Two heartbeats.  I am still in shock. After all of our years of trying and failing we hit the mother load on IVF#8… is just so crazy.  

It is slowly sinking in, but I have to admit it is overwhelming to think about it.  So I am definitley in a bit of denial.  DH is over the moon and thinks it is great.  It is taking me a bit more time.

I am excited to be pregnant again, but it is all so different the second time.  My anxiety is different knowing there are two.  I am just going to take it day by day and stay out of my head.

It’s great….but very overwhelming.

Wait…and wait some more

So my doubling beta on Sunday came back at 367.5.  More than double.  Definitely in the high end, but only an ultrasound will confirm if there is a singleton or twins…and that will happen on 93 December.

So we wait.  I actually don’t feel much, as there is nothing much I can do and nothing is confirmed so no panic has set in yet.  My little boy has also decided to get the chicken pox, which worried me more at the moment, but I have had chicken pox so should be fine.  I am more exhausted as I am preggers and looking after a toddler with chicken pox. DH is away for work…so I am so tired.

DH is back on Wednesday, so not long now.  I can’t wait to have night time support again…and not to be picking him up.  My back is killing me!  I am really looking forward to being pregnant again – except for weeks 09-16 – that is when I was super nauseous and could hardly eat anything. Hoping this time around is easier!