In the closet…but bursting at the seams

So yesterday I had what my husband would call….a moment.  After four rounds of IVF ICSI over the last three years we finally fell pregnant.  Only to lose the pregnancy at 7 weeks.  I had a D&C three weeks ago and I was doing well until yesterday.  I crashed hard and was a complete and utter pile of sobbing hormones.  Not a pretty sight and not something you would want to bump into in a dark alley…..or a sunny sidewalk for that matter.  So this morning I figured I have to do something to get my emotions out and made the decision to start a blog.

You see…..we are in the closet.  No one knows about our IVF, not my family or his family or our friends… one.  We decided to keep it to ourselves because it was way easier.  However, we never imagined we would now be in year three and still nothing to show for it but a lot of lumps and bumps, hence the name of the blog.  So now what to do.  I thought I would give this a whirl and hoping that it will help me vent and share.  I know… does not replace family and friends who are supposed to hold you up in times like these, but in our situation it just wouldn’t work and would cause us more stress.

So into the world wide web I journey…..and hope that I am not here long.


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