Waiting for Godot?

I am waiting patiently for Godot…rhymes nicely with flow and is quite accurate although I am not sitting under a tree. Day 28 was Friday, but last time on long protocol Aunt Flow was about a week late. I need to start refocusing on this cycle. I have long ago let go of the whole ‘no wine, no fun’ mantra that you have during your first couple of IVF’s. The only time I completely ban myself is once I have ER. But I only have wine during a cycle if I really feel stressed, but with each IVF cycle it feels so normal and I know every step…I only start stressing in the second week of the 2ww. So now I wait and hope and rest on the fact that most of my cycles have been rather smooth…then I remember that my left ovary like to hide and they have never been able to retrieve….what a waste of eggs!


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