Rooibos tea and my cat

It is early in the morning and I am still in bed. DH is busy shaving, but not before he brought me a cup of rooibos…sweet, sweet DH. My cat has jumped into bed and snuggled up against me. I am never really sure if it is all love, or just the winter cold making her seek out my heat. I am waiting for Day 1 so I can get started on this cycle. I’ve been on Lucrin for 10 days already, but I never feel like I am in a cycle until we are scanning for follies. I am really focusing on being positive and content. It is so easy to become overwhelmed and anxious. I am using my guided meditations to really slow down and focus on enjoying the moment at least once a day. It has really helped me to spend less energy on worrying and more energy on staying open to opportunity. I love my cat and I love my rooibos tea…oh, and my warm bed. This moment is a happy moment.


2 thoughts on “Rooibos tea and my cat

  1. I hope AF shows up very soon and that you will feel so relaxed through your whole cycle.

    I am not always so sure that my cat loves me, but I know that she loves my electric blanket;)

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