Day 7 – Brain fog and a few tears

Well today is Day 7 and I am really looking forward to my Day 10 scan.  I want to see how many follies there are and hopefully it will not be much longer before retrieval.  Based on my previous cycles, I am anticipating that retrieval will be next Monday 01 August.  I am starting to feel my ovaries, which is a bit crazy because I usually don’t feel them all laden with follies until around Day 12.  Hoping all is ok.  I am getting a little foggy in my brain, so I know the hormones are kicking in at full speed.  Last cycle I ran the whole side of my car up against a brick pillar my brain was in such a fog.  I am really hoping I don’t do anything that extreme this time.  I am also struggling to sleep, often waking in the middle of the night, or up to the loo.  I am drinking a tonne of water trying to keep the hormone headaches at bay.  I am a little teary, feeling a little emotional these days, but I think that is also the hormones at work.

All in all…not bad.  I really hope this works….starting to get anxious.  Hopefully only another week of shots, my belly is starting to look like a dartboard.  Shame, poor DH jabbed me like a rhino last night so have a bit of bruising, but other than that just a lot of little red dots.  I hate the Menopur, all that mixing and the needle never goes smoothly.  The Lucrin is so much easier.  I usually use all the syringes that the clinic gives me, but they were short on a few for the Lucrin, so I went to the pharmacy and bought a few insulin syringes….they were like heaven!  The needle went in like a hot knife in butter…beauty!  I love it when that happens. With my needle phobia, the smoother, the better.

TIP – I did find with the Menopur that if I draw up with the mixing needle, then put on the injection needle, it goes in a lot smoother.  I think the needles are pretty soft and the rubber top on the Menopur is thick.  So when I use the injection needle to draw it up, it must make the needle a little blunt.


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