Day 8 – Warning – crazy woman hooped up on hormones

I spoke too soon.  The hormones have taken over my body and I no longer have control.  Today I had a meeting with the Senior Management about our 2012 planning.  It was like walking into the old boys club…someone made a sarcastic comment and I turned into the Terminator.  I was taking no $%&# from them today.  I walked out of that meeting and was so upset.  Although they deserved the response I gave them, it was definitely more fueled than I normally am.  I can feel myself about to snap at everyone and everything.  It is probably a combination of both the hormones and my anxiety over this cycle.  I think I need to lay low for a few days.

After 5 IVF cycles over the last couple of years, I am sure people are starting to think that this is who I really am….a crazy woman.


One thought on “Day 8 – Warning – crazy woman hooped up on hormones

  1. Well, if you are a crazy woman, then you are not the only one…I have also turned into a person I don’t always understand and like over the past 3 years. Hang in there! ER is not far now.

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