Day 12 – Trigger is not just a horse

I had my Day 12 scan and my follies were around 17mm, so one more Menopur injection tonight. I trigger tomorrow night for retrieval on Tuesday morning. I love it when they give me the Ovidrel because it means I am almost done shots…yipeeee! It appeared that I had lots of follies, but I never count on their numbers to determine my egg count as you never know. The FS was unable to see my left ovary again….no surprise there, but he told me that once I am sedated at ER they are able to move me around and prod harder. So hopefully my left ovary will show up this time. I hate to think of all the potential eggs that go to waste if they can only retrieve from one ovary.

So here’s to Tuesday and lots of eggies.


2 thoughts on “Day 12 – Trigger is not just a horse

  1. Oh, by now, they probably retrieved the eggs. I hope they reached both your ovaries and that you have great quality eggs. Take care and give yourself a nice treat today, you so deserve it !!
    KUP !!

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