Day 15 – Egg Retrieval

We had Egg Retrieval (ER) this morning. I was hopeful that my right ovary would come through. Unfortunately my left ovary is once again a no show. We were able to retrieve 5 eggs, which is a little lower than our last cycle at 7, but on average over 5 cycles, the result is pretty consistent. I have to stay off the forums where the young chickies post 14-25 eggs…it is just depressing. So now I am home in bed resting and hoping that we have at least three good embies for transfer. Anything lower that 3 is depressing for me. So now we hurry up and wait once more.

Fertilisation report is on thursday. My DH always calls for those results, he knows how to break the news to me so gently. We will most likely have transfer on Friday and my first round of Intralipids. So hold thumbs that we make it to ET with at least 3 embies.


2 thoughts on “Day 15 – Egg Retrieval

  1. Hey Nellie I am glad that ER went well and that the number of eggies you got was consistent with your other cycles. Sending lot’s of positive energy to you and your almost embies and hope that you will be presented with enough embies to give you your BFP!
    Thinking of you!

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