Ready for Monday

It is Saturday morning and I am doing my most favourite thing. Sitting in bed with my rooibos and my cat. I am wondering about our FS appointment on Monday. Not sure what to expect anymore as the cards on the table have changed significantly.

We have been doing IVF since 2009, five cycles total….and nothing. Nothing but heartache. We know I can get pregnant, but not sure I can carry to term….although we don’t know for sure if it is me or the eggs….I am really hoping its the eggs. I am ready to discuss the option of donor eggs. Although it is all still kind of strange to me, I am actually hoping DE will be his suggestion. I am tired of round after round. I am ready for baby now….where ever my baby comes from. I would love to experience pregnancy, but it is still an unknown if I will. Do you hear me universe! I am ready for baby….anytime now!

I have never bought any baby things….it always felt like a jinx. I think it is time to start collecting a little box. Wow! That is a huge step for me. For the first-time I think I am actually starting to believe that baby will come….I don’t know when or how….but he/she will come. I believe.


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