Family Drama…it never ends

The saga continues……

We have found a private social worker (SW) and discussed the situation with the SW about my niece’s son….I’ll refer to him as ‘Billy’. The SW has agreed to discuss the issue of Billy’s care with my in-laws and sister-in-law (the granny) as well as my niece and the birth father (whom is no longer with my niece nor takes care of Billy). DH and I have agreed to pay for the SW and ensure everyone directly involved to have a ‘voice’ about Billy. The only objective being to determine the best living arrangement for Billy and to also ensure that everyone involved in Billy’s care understand and agrees to their responsibilities.

DH and I have spoken with the SW and agreed to offer ourselves as potential adoptive parents….however it is offered as one option….although the SW believes it is the best option.

I am okay with it now having spoken to the SW and understanding the legal framework. DH and I had planned to do another round of IVF in January, but this may eat a hole in those plans……but at the end of the day, someone must care for this child and he is our family.

I have to admit, I am cautiously excited at the potential adoption. It feels right. But at the same time it would be an open adoption with all of the family drama that may come with….although we live 1600kms from the family. I am 37 years old, but feel like I am still 16……I am officially an adult making adult decisions…..scary.


2 thoughts on “Family Drama…it never ends

  1. dear Nellie, I do not know what to say because it is a complicated and delicate situation but also one that could turn out to make (almost) all the parties involved happy …. !!
    I believe that the best you can do now, is like you did, speak with an experienced SW and give yourself time to think about it: Here is a link that gives quite good info on the many aspects of adoption, be it open-adoption, international adoption, foster care, embryo adoption etc. ….
    Best of luck and hope that everything turns out for the best !!

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