Sad Socks

I was out shopping yesterday with my Mom. Looking for christmas stuff for DH, stocking stuffers and little prezzies. We were looking at the socks and comparing the different brands and feel of them. My Mom picked up one pack of black socks and they were so soft. I looked at them closer and in dark blue writing it said ‘best dad’ on the soles. Without even thinking, I said ‘I can’t get DH these, it will make him sad’.

I have never spoken to my Mom about our IF. For very good reasons…it is very complicated. We live very far away from her and she would not be able to give us the support we need for IVF as she does not believe in it….so we have just left her out of the loop for our own sanity. Of course I am sure she is aware of our IF challenges, as we have no babies after 6 years and we are getting old.

I was just glad she didn’t say anything about my sock remark, but maybe it just confirmed for her what she already knew.


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