Grammar lesson for IF

I read an article today by Martha Beck about visualizing your goals. It appears that focusing on adjectives instead of nouns may be the trick. Instead of focusing on what you ‘want’ or ‘need’, it should be around the adjectives that describe what you would feel once you achieve the goal. The thinking is that it makes you focus on the way your goal makes you feel, which emits positivity. When you focus on the actual goal, your focus tends to be negative as you are focusing on what you have been unable to achieve and it carries with it all the negative emotions.

Think about it. If I focus on my goal of having a baby – I see the challenge ahead, I feel the disappointment of all the failed cycles, I feel the time ticking away, I see the possibility of having a successful pregnancy, but feel the anxiety and fear that comes with it.

If I focus on adjectives that describe my goal – a successful pregnancy – I feel excited, fulfilled, hopeful, happiness, success, brilliance, complete. Amazing how something as simple as an adjective can change your perspective. Infertility…the constant mind game.

“You only need to win 51% of the battles, to win the war.” MB


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