Dipping your toe in the water

White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits everyone! (See my earlier post on white rabbits if you are confused)

So we had a lovely evening with friends last night, and they have recently decided to see a FS. Well it opened up a whole discussion about our journey and it was the first time we had actually shared that kind of detail with anyone….it was great! Although I still standby my decision not to share our journey openly with every Tom, Dick and Harry. They have a similar situation to us, in regards to age and sperm quality issues. I was very honest with them and encouraged them to go straight to IVF, given their age and the male factor. They felt they would start with IUI. In my opinion, a waste of time…but I started thinking about the beginning of our journey and the day our FS first told us our options. I always thought IVF was the last option, that you exhaust everything before moving to IVF, so I was shocked when our FS said we should go straight to IVF. We also tossed around the idea of IUI, it kind of felt more like a warm-up to IVF…a chance for us to dip our toe into fertility treatment without jumping all the way in. So I can appreciate their need to start with IUI, they are dipping their toe in to test the water. Fair. Very fair.

Speaking to our friends last night really reminded me how scary it all was in the beginning, how it all feels so overwhelming and how intimidating the process can be. I just hope their journey is shorter than ours, although it is going to be really hard for me if they fall pregnant before us. Hopefully it all works out and we can be pregnant at the same time….wouldn’t that be a wonderful, glorious miracle. I would love that! Universe…..are you listening?


2 thoughts on “Dipping your toe in the water

  1. I vote for going straight to IVF. My husband & I made the decision to skip IUI after attending a general presentation by a fertility clinic. When we saw the statistics for for our age we thought IUI looked like a waste of time and money with too little chance of success. I feel strongly that we made the right decision and would recommend it. I also like the argument that there’s more control over # of embryos with IVF.

    I’ve been “lurking” around your blog for the last few months and it happens that I had a friend who taught me to say “rabbit!rabbit” first thing on the first day of the month. Funny how you have the same tradition but the rabbits are white.

    Good luck with your journey! 🙂

  2. That are so awesome, to be able to talk like this! I am so hungry to find someone that are at the same point than me so I can have someones hand to hold when I get scared.

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