Dreamy on CD20

It is very early in the morning….having trouble sleeping and thinking too much. Good thoughts mostly….a little dreamy. DH had to get up and take our doggie out because she decided to start knocking down chairs at 5am.

I am probably around 5dpo and keep thinking….maybe??? I allow myself to dream that I could actually become pregnant without IF treatment, now wouldn’t that be a bonus! I am tracking my cycles like a hawk now in the run-up to IVF#6 in June/July. So I am hypersensitive to everyday of my cycle. DH and I had a ‘love’ly Easter holiday, which coincided with me ovulating, so I am dreaming a bit. I know I will be so disappointed when AF comes on CD 28-29, but for now on CD20…I will dream the impossible dream. Oh…and I am down 3kgs! Maybe the little weight loss and diet change make a difference…..

So I will continue being dreamy for the next 30 minutes (until my alarm forces me out of bed) that I am going to give my FS the biggest shock when I tell him I won’t be needing IVF#6….now that is a great dream!


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