Yeah ME!

Well I have something to celebrate! I am down 5kgs….that’s 11lbs for those of you not on the metric system! Wowzers! I am so impressed with myself! DH has also lost the same amount, so we are averaging about a kilo a week, which is fantastic. If we keep this up then I will be around 15 kilo’s lighter for the start of our next IVF. I was only aiming for 10 so I am not going to set my goal too high. I will just keep on keep’in on and take every week as it comes.

Since we started IVF in 2009, I had gained about 15 kilo’s with all the stress and hormones….so I really need to get myself back to where I was. It feels so great to be accomplishing something physical….finally! With infertility you really feel like such a loser because your body will just not do what it is supposed to. You feel cheated, you feel helpless, you feel broken, you feel….powerless. This weight loss is making me feel empowered, if only a little bit, as there are things I am in control of and I can make a change and stick to it.

I am also so proud of DH, we have never been skinny people, but never overweight either…just a good normal average weight. So the last couple of years has been tough on both of us lugging around this extra weight. Especially when people start to notice and make comments….it just added extra strain to all of the challenges we were already facing. I try to think about how we got so heavy, but that doesn’t really matter now and it only makes me think of depression rather than happiness. It doesn’t really matter how we got there….we are doing something about it, finally…I am not going top beat myself up further.

I really didn’t think I could ever lose this weight and had resigned myself to my new weight. I am just so excited that it is working, I am seeing and feeling results! It gives me so much enthusiasm and motivation for my future…..Yeah ME!


9 thoughts on “Yeah ME!

    • And congratulations to you on the arrival of your little girl! Can’t wait for you to post all about it. Enjoy this special time….thinking of you lots!

  1. Fantastic Nellie! You go girl! and yes please share your secret I also NEED to loose more. Makes you feel so good hey? You better reward yourself with a little something nice

    ps, have you ever done any kind of detox plans before your IVF cycles? I was thinking that I want to give it a shot but would love to get a plan from someone that has done it before and can say if it are any good, thanks

    ps, If your upcoming cycles falls over the same period of time I debs you for a buddy. I am scared and need a shoulder 🙂

    • Never done detox….I just make sure 3 months ahead of time my vitamins are all in check. The only thing that has ever made a difference for me is taking Magnesium which resulted in both of my two BFPs, although they didn’t stick around long. I am estimating a late June/early July start…hopefully we are cycle buddies! My last two cycle buddies both got BFPs and have their baba’s now….so maybe I am a lucky charm!

      • no no no, I want to be your lucky charm! I will read up a little bit on the Magnesium, what other vitamins do you take before the time and when do you start?

  2. WOW congrats Nellie!! That’s awesome!! So nice when ur body actually does something good for a change!

    Are u on a specific diet or are you just eating healthy and exercising?

    I also need to loose weight and I’m really struggling.

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