Off of sugar….except wine!

I have been so quiet! Life has been busy and we had some public holidays. I have thought of so many posts but you know how it goes, you sometimes never get around to it.

In my last post I was so excited at my weight loss, which has not moved much since. I have been able to stick to my eating plan….well most of the time. The holidays are always difficult, but I am not doing so bad.

Many of you have asked what I am doing to lose weight, and it is not really any big secret. Eat less, move more. DH and I cut out carbs and sugar for the first month completely and we have slowly introduced rice back into our diet but only once or twice a week. We are still off sugar and we focus on protein and vegetables mostly. It’s not for everyone, but it works for us. I actually don’t mind it, although it has been an adjustment especially packing lunches, but we are figuring it out. We eat cheese and eggs, so I don’t feel like I am missing out. I thought I would miss sugar, but once I got it out of my system I don’t really crave it much. I do need to cut my alcohol intake… this is sugar, so really I guess I am still on sugar!

This is a repeat from a previous post…. Vitamins – here is the new and old list:
a) multivitamin – standard practice
b) iron – been on these my whole life
c) magnesium – started this after IVF 3….and my next two IVF’s were BFPs. Not sure if the magnesium played a role but I won’t stop to find out.
d) evening primrose – for the first 14 days of my cycle – this is a new one for me
e) fish oil – for the last 14 days of my cycle – this is also a new one for me.

Counting down the days to the next cycle. Just hope I can reach my 10kg goal…..slowly but surely I hope.


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