Another year, another chance.

So a few days ago I officially turned 38. A weird day for me as all I thought about was my infertility and that my age is a definite factor. My DH has been fabulous and really acknowledged my sadness over another year and no babies….yet. It was so nice to be able to feel a little sad on my birthday and not to be told that I should be celebrating. I’m not really a big fan of birthdays anyways…but DH still made it special just for us. My DH is so amazing and sweet.

Today is Day 3, we are supposed to be starting our Lucrin shots on Day 21. I am assuming we are doing long protocol again as that is where we have had the most success. Need to call the FS…and so it begins….again.


4 thoughts on “Another year, another chance.

  1. Hi Nellie, happy birthday! I am also dreading my birthday this year. In 2 months time I turn 37. I am on cycle day 8 today.We are doing a short protocol again.We are going to PGD all of suckers this time. Good luck on your side of the screen. I really hope this is our time, because we both have been waiting for AGES.

  2. Happy Birthday girl! Phone da doctor and get sorted, I am so excited for you and just want to let you know that I will keep everything crossed. Good luck girl

  3. Happy Birthday and may this be the year of dreams come true! Good luck with the build up to your IVF and I will be holding all the holdables for you xxx (Kitty aka wannabe mommy)

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