First shot…..put ’em up!

Well today was the first injection of the next 30 or so that will take me through my next IVF cycle. I don’t mind the Lucrin, the needles are fine, there is no mixing and it is only in the morning. It is Day 3 when the Menopur shots kick in that I start getting very anxious….those needles are big! The sister spoke to me of a possible Menopur Fostimon mix for stimulation, as they have had positive results with women *huge sigh* my age. We shall see what my FS recommends on Day 3. He also suggested a low dose anti-coagulent, so not sure if that is still on the table. I am still waiting for my AMH results. I am sure they are in…but they haven’t contacted me. I should give them a ring.

I did something I said I wasn’t going to do. I told someone about my upcoming IVF cycle. She is a good friend and colleague and I know she will keep it tight. She has been hinting at it for a while with me, so I am sure she already knew. She has also been through several rounds of IVF, but years ago before they decided to adopt. It is nice to not have secrets, but it is also added stress having other people know. I am hoping it will be fine. Anyways, cats out of the bag now with her…so not much I can do.

Last night DH and I went out for a ‘we’re making a baby’ dinner. Very nice little Italian spot. Of course DH had a glass of wine, coffee….the works….me nada. I am off the wine completely this time, as even a little bit impacts my sleep and I really want to be in top form. Unless it gets hairy and I might have to sneak a sip. Anywho….we had a nice dinner and chatted a lot about just seeing what happens. We are prepared to do another cycle before the end of the year. So we will take it as it comes.


3 thoughts on “First shot…..put ’em up!

  1. Good luck to you! Sounds like you are doing the same protocol I did for my last IVF round. Is Fostimon the same as Follistim? Anyway, a little about the Menopur. Let it sit a few minutes after you mix it and give it to yourself slowly. That one did hurt me a little, but letting it sit and doing it slowly helped. Best of luck!!

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