Patron Saint of Childless People….ugh

I am waiting on AF. Of course she is late and with Lucrin she is always really late. I am constantly on my calendar calculating potential ER dates, but until AF comes it is hard to determine a -within 3 day- potential calendar span. I usually do ER around Day 12 – 14, at least that has been my average. I did have a Day 17 ER, but that was when I did short protocol the first couple of IVF’s…that feels so long ago.

I am doing well, staying off the wine….that one is hard. I am still losing, down almost another kg. So doing well. My sleep is not so good the last couple of days, so I need to get a handle on that. At least it is Friday, so I can hopefully do some catch up on rest this weekend, although science says there is no such thing as ‘catching up’ on sleep.

My lovely cat has just joined me for my morning rooibos. Then DH will give me my Lucrin injection in a few minutes.

I have included a picture of Saint Anne, Patron Saint of Childless People – I am a lapsed Catholic, or as my mother would say – a heathen – but I love the potential of Saints. I actually just love the gold-gilded art. (I can hear my mother sighing)


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