Day 1…and hopefully the last

AF finally reared her ugly head. That is the challenge with Lucrin, it delays AF. So I am officially on Day 1. I am actually going in for my scan tomorrow instead of Day 3. I am curious to find out what my FS has up his sleeve.

The Lucrin usually doesn’t give me any problems, but this time around I have had migraines for the last four days. I was so happy for AF today and dropping to 10 cc’s of Lucrin, as the migraines have subsided. I have been drinking a tonne of water which also helps. For me sleep and Myprodols are the only things that actually help my migraines. I was surprised Lucrin gave me side effects, as it is usually the Menopur that kills me. Hopefully this is not foreshadowing of more side effects to come.

So we shall see what happens…I hope this is the end of our road.


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