Hail Mary Pass

So I had my Day 3 (on Day 2) scan this morning. My FS gave me some bad news. My AMH is 0.4….which can be expected as I am 38, so you would expect to see it dropping. I had a 1.3 last year, so was surprised it went down so fast. but not unexpected. My Antral Follicle Count (AFC) was 5, which is also quite low. The conversation was rather positive than negative. We have decided to go ahead with the cycle as both AMH and AFC are indicators of ovarian reserve, but not absolutes. We need to see how my follicles stimulate and the quality of the eggs I produce. My FS is optimistic as I have always been a good responder to stimulation. We have never had more than three embryos so I am used to low numbers. The FS also said that as I have been pregnant with my own eggs (although baba only stuck around until week 7), this is also an indicator that we should keep moving forward.

We are going to stimulate hard with a mix of Menopur and Fostimon, which is a first for me. In older ladies (like me and my gray hairs) the lower acidity of the added Fostimon is supposed to work a bit better. We shall see. However, the FS and I spoke a lot about what this means. It basically means this will be my last shot with my own eggs. DH and I were ready to do donor eggs last year, so not too much of a surprise or adjustment for us. So I am moving forward and hoping for the best. I just want to get to retrieval, which says I can produce eggs. That will be step one, then I will worry about getting to transfer. If we do get to transfer, we will do Intralipids immediately after transfer, which is also a first. I only did them before once I was pregnant. We are also going to do Clexhane at transfer as well, so hopefully that will also assist.

All guns in. Last attempt with my own. Hoping for the best…but not the end of the road. DE is definitely on the cards. Feeling optimistic….but don’t really have a choice now, do I ? Ladies please send me all your happy-love-juju-positive-light-energy-peace-hope-vibe….praying that this is my ‘Hail Mary’ pass.


8 thoughts on “Hail Mary Pass

  1. Nellie, Fostimon really worked wonders for me…I had my best cycles on it. I am hoping that you will get 2 or 3 really good quality embryos this cycle.

    I never knew that the decline in AMH could be so rapid, so quickly. I will have to retest mine as well. Thinking of you and hoping from the bottom of my heart that this will be it. xxx

  2. Keeping you and your eggies in my thoughts Nellie. You are probably right to be realistic and consider DE, but you have also been around long enough(sadly) to know that your own eggies can still bring you your much desired baby and hopefully adding Intralipids and Clexhane to the mix is all that you need to make the difference. Hang in there! We are all routing for you.

  3. Sending you lots and lots of positive vibes and good luck for the cycle!!
    Just wondering why it is your last attempt with your own eggs? If you can still be stimulated and produce eggs? I didn’t produce a lot of eggs either (also 38 with low reserve), but the ones that were there were good.

    • You are right. I probably could keep going with my own eggs, we’ll see how this cycle goes. I think the issue is more that I am on IVF#6…and with low eggs my chances are also lower. At some point I need to move on.

      • I can’t even imagine what it must be like having been through IVF so many times (having ‘only’ had 6 IUI’s and 1 IVF myself). I can understand that is a reason to try something different if this cycle is not the one either. But lets hope it is!!! xxx

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