Day 8 – Hatching a plan

I am on Day 8 today. My first scan is on Saturday morning to see how many follies we have. The antral follicle count was 5, so I am hoping we have a few follies.

The injections are going ok….DH is darting me like an animal and having great pleasure doing so. He keeps saying that his darting methodology is quicker and less painful. I find the ‘less painful’ observation interesting as I keep telling him it is more painful. I don’t have skin like a rhino, so his jab run-up for the dart could be a tad less aggressive.

My inlaws arrive next week Thursday, so I am hoping ER will be before that. We have not told our families of our IVF, as they are not the most supportive people. So I hope it ER works out before they arrive. I guess I should hatch a plan for if it doesn’t work out…

Will let you know how the Saturday scan goes, hold thumbs.


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