We have a donor!

So I have a lot to update you all on. I used to be so good at blogging, but have really been in a bit of a whirlwind lately. I usually put more effort, but today it is just the facts.

Last month I was out of the country, so was unable to do the hysteroscopy in the first 12 days of my cycle. Disappointing, but we were able to engage with the donor agency. What a crazy experience, like interviewing someone for a job that they will never be qualified for. DH and I had to have a long talk about the most important characteristics and those that were a bonus. We decided height and eye colour were probably the most important ones, as this is completely genetic. DH and I are both quite tall, so we needed to know they were tall and also came from a tall family….although you are never guaranteed with genetics that a distant ancestor might not pop up. We stayed away from making judgement based on any of their current education status, opinions or emotions on life etc. as this is influenced by so many non-genetic factors. In the end we had two profiles that worked for us. The final decision was given to our fabulous fertility team at the clinic. These were both donors our clinic was familiar with and they chose based on knowing the donors as adults, their features and mannerisms and success of previous donations. So we have a donor! Booked and paid for! Crazy. I really am still a little overwhelmed with this whole DE thing, but excited at the same time. For the first time in ages, I feel so hopeful!

I also had my hysteroscopy this week. What an uncomfortable procedure! It didn’t hurt, but not pleasant. Afterwards was the worst. For about an hour I had so much cramping, but then it was gone and I felt fine. So my FS did find a small septum during the hysteroscopy which he showed me. He said normally he would not bother with it as it is so small, but with my history he would rather remove it to ensure their are no barriers. So I will have this done in about 10 days. Recovery is about four weeks, which is perfect. We are planning on starting with the donor end of June/early July and expect transfer sometime in July.

So lots going on, feeling hopeful and deep down believing that this could really happen. You can look back to previous posts I have written, the beginning of a cycle is the most hopeful exciting time for me…..then everything goes so wrong. Maybe this time will be different. Here’s hoping.


2 thoughts on “We have a donor!

  1. Thinking of you Nellie. Hope this is it !!
    Using DE just has a crazy / science-fiction / un-or-surreal side to it. Personally, once over the pain of giving up my own genes and my families’ “particular features”, I found it a beautiful experience and I was proud of having grown bigger than the limitations of my little ego and small family into a bigger human family !! It is a beautiful experience of humanity !!
    Well done and much LUCK !!

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