Adios, au revoir, vaarwel, beannacht, kwaheri septum!

I had my septum removed about a week ago. Turns out it was a lot larger at the base, so we are really pleased that our FS decided to remove it, as he initially thought it was rather small. I am now on 4mg estrogen for 30 days and have my follow-up the beginning of July. I keep thinking ‘hmmm maybe the septum was the cause of my infertility’ but I have to stop thinking ‘what if’. The wheels are already in motion. We have had such a bumpy road, with too much sadness and loss. We have come too far to start looking backward and second guessing ourselves. I have played this mental game too many times to know better…but it is only human to think ‘what if’.

So once I have my follow-up appointment I guess the ball will start rolling. Our donor had her initial appointment with our FS this past week, so I guess I will hear from them this week regarding next steps. DH and I were chatting yesterday about the possibility of snow babies. We have never had that option and with a donor, it is a real possibility. That is so exciting to think that we could have some embies on ice… about frozen hope!

So all good, we are hanging in there and hoping all goes smoothly and quickly.


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