And the waiting begins…

I am exhausted and my head feels like it is going to explode already! The progesterone always gives me horrible headaches. Yesterday it was on the left side of my head, today the right. So I am hoping it is evening out. I am taking it easy at home, just working on a report that is not moving along as quickly as I would like, but hoping tomorrow is more productive. I am on three Cyclogest and three Progynova a day….so I am pleasantly pickled in hormones at the moment.

My uterus is twingey, but I think that is also the progesterone. I bought all my HPTs yesterday, so I am ready to see those beautiful pink lines! I have been trying to meditate, but I keep falling asleep…so I guess that is what my body needs.

Anyways, the waiting continues. Seven more sleeps until I test!


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