I was so nervous at my scan. Just before my FS was about to wand me he received an urgent phone call and had to step out for 10 min. Leaving me wand ready on the table with DH to calm me down.

Wand finally went in…..and one strong heartbeat! I can’t believe it. The sound of that heartbeat….it took my breath away. I am in shock.

I am now relaxing with my intralipid drip. So crazy. It really hasn’t sunk in yet. I am in shock. I am actually relieved it was only one heartbeat. The possibility of multiples terrified me, so I am just so happy! Baby is measuring 7w1d and due date is 26 April 2014. I am in shock.

Yippppppeeeee! Next scan in two weeks…I hope I can make it.



15 thoughts on “Exhaling…..

      • Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I just got home, it’s been a long day. I wanted to add my ultrasound picture to my post but I’m exhausted so I was going to post in the morning. Thank you for thinking of me! We saw the heartbeat (there’s only one! yay!) and our Dr. was very happy and excited. He said everything is looking great. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I AM SO RELIEVED!!!! I was starting to get nervous. Yippee! Well congrats and I look forward to your post! Looks like we are pregnancy cycle buddies….so very very exciting! Huge hugs for you. Holding those thumbs really worked!

  1. Waaaw, such a excellent news !!
    I am so, so happy for you guys …. enjoy this sweet time (before the nausea and other discomfort start ;-)) and hope the nice baby goodies you got some time ago (crocheted if I am correct) will be be perfect for your LO !!
    Congrats to you and your DH !!!

  2. I wish I could like this 1000 times!!! I’m so happy for you!! I’ll never forget hearing Clarke’s heartbeat for the first time. It made everything seem so much more real. All our hard work and tears were for that moment, and it was precious! Have a great weekend!!

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