My shadow


Exhausted! That just about sums it up. I am in bed by 730 most nights and by 200 in the afternoon I am severely in need of a nap! I seem to have gotten a handle on the nausea. It is still there, but I think I have gotten used to it, and as long as I keep something in my stomach then it is bearable. I think I have eaten my weight in Marie biscuits! I am totally off meat…I just can’t do it.

My cat has become my shadow. If I am sitting, she is on me. If I am laying down, she is on me. If I go into the kitchen, she follows. When I have a shower she sits in the bathroom staring at me. She has become quite the perve. My dog does a lot if sniffing but nothing else out of the ordinary.

I thought I would be ok with a two week wait until the next scan, but I am dying to get to the next one…which is still nine sleeps away! I have some low grade anxiety, but I am really trying hard not to think negatively when there is no reason to. I have not had any bleeding (knock on wood) or anything else abnormal…so I must stay positive.

8 weeks tomorrow….


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