Growing bean

The scan yesterday was marvelous, the best part was that I have graduated to tummy scans! Goodbye wandy!….and all the connection and emotional anguish you held through IVF! When my FS told me we were going to do a tummy scan I just about fell over with joy! It is a milestone I will never forget, as it made it real, normal and made me feel a bit more safe in this pregnancy.

When he first brought up the view, I saw the little jellybean move! It jumped and twisted, their little arms and feet flew around….it was magical. I actually said out loud, ‘is it moving?’….which my FS said….’dancing!’.

Progress is right on target, and the FS said all is developing fine. We do the NT scan in two weeks, so we will really start seeing big changes now from scan to scan that will move to every three weeks after my next one.

I am still feeling so nauseous, the worst I have felt. I am starting to gag when I brush my teeth and am really struggling to swallow my vitamins. I am going to have to start crushing them. I am really sneezy, but my FS gave me a nose spray and that is really helping.

It is all starting to feel so real. My two besties know, but I haven’t told anyone else. I don’t think it has all sunk in yet. I am going to stick to my plan of 14 weeks. We go on vacation the day after I plan to tell everyone, so I think that will be good for us. An early babymoon!


4 thoughts on “Growing bean

  1. wow, that’s great. It must be really special to see movement for the first time. hoping your nausea eases soon so you can enjoy baking that bun!

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