12 weeks!

I still can’t believe I have made it this far. 12 whole weeks and only a little bit away from the second trimester. I have my measurement scan next week Friday and hope it all goes nice and smooth.

The nausea has subsided, and so has my meat aversion so that has been very very nice! I am now indulging and actually eating real food for the first time in two months! I am hoping the nausea does not come back….it was really horrible.

I cannot decide if my tummy is bloat or baby…it is starting to feel a little harder and rounder, but I think 90% is bloat. Oh the gas….no one warned me! I am a real ripper these days. Hee hee.

I am thinking of telling my Mom if the scan next week goes well. I think it will make it feel more real once people know. But it is very scary to let this cat out of the bag! I guess it eventually has to happen.


2 thoughts on “12 weeks!

  1. Nellie- it takes a while to get use to the idea of REALLY being pregnant. I think after the 13 week FAS it became real to me, but I only started to relax a little after 26 weeks. I am glad th at you are feeling better. I can not wait to see your first bump pictures when you are ready to share them. KUP!

  2. You haven’t told your Mom?!?!?! Oh my Gods, we spilled the beans right away… we couldn’t contain ourselves. That’s so exciting!! Your family is going to be SO excited!!! Just an FYI… the gas continues and actually gets worse as you progress. I never used to fart (you know, because I’m a girl) until I got pregnant. It was really embarrassing for me at first, but then really quite liberating. Haha! I started to get my bump at 12 weeks, so you could be seeing first signs of baby!!

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