No dreaming anymore…this is real!

It's a boy!
We had our scan this morning and yes….it is a boy! I can’t believe it and it just makes it feel so real. I had a little cry today when the Dr said it was a boy, it was so overwhelming. When I went out to reception I was still teary and the receptionists and nurses all congratulated me on my boy. I actually felt a little bad, hoping there was no one in the reception area who was there to receive bad news or still trying with IVF. Although I believe they try to put only the pregnant ladies in on Fridays…I hope so, because I would have hated to have been doing IVF and have been sitting in that reception when I came out. I probably would have blogged venom after that.

All of my test results came back and our little boy is looking so good. My blood pressure and iron levels are good, and I also still have measles immunity, so that is also great. I am actually feeling pretty good physically that I sometimes even forget I am pregnant. Until I remove my bra at night and my boobs ache so bad! My belly is still not really round and I have always worn loose shirts, so if I didn’t tell you I was pregnant, I don’t think you could tell.

Now I am going to send a mail to my family. Some of them want to know the sex, and some don’t, so I will give them the option to skype with me to find out. They will all be floored, because they were all convinced it was a girl. So funny, because I initially had ‘boy’ in my head, but when everyone started saying ‘girl’ I started thinking yes….maybe a girl. Anyways, we would have been just as thrilled either way. I am just so happy to finally know. It is all becoming so real and I have to pinch myself that after five years, seven rounds of IVF, one chemical pregnancy, one heartbreaking miscarriage and one septum removal, as well as all the financial and emotional toll this journey has taken on both DH and myself…..we are having a baby! Today is a good day 🙂


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