Madiba in my heart

20131206-060937.jpgI woke up this morning to the news that Madiba had passed. It is a sad day for my family.

My husband and I met Madiba in 2007 in Joburg on a chance meeting. We were waiting for an elevator and when it opened….there he was. It was an amazing moment and one I will never forget. Madiba has always held a very special place for my husband and I, because he and so many others are the reason we can live in South Africa today. You see we are an inter-racial couple…one of very few in South Africa. And now we are having a baby.

The depth of Madiba’s sacrifices are on our minds everyday as we move through our daily life. We could not be a family in South Africa if it was not for him. Although I would not say South Africa is a free and just country for all…we still have many lessons to learn, but we are getting there.

I love you Madiba. Our family is a testament to your life and we will never forget the sacrifices you and so many others made for us.


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