The Booking Nazi

I had a scan this past Friday and all is good. I love having a scan and feeling reassured that all is good. I have no issues really…my placenta is good, the blood flow through the umbilical cord is good, my cervix is long, baby is measuring right on target. It feels so good to have ‘uneventful’ appointments. It makes me feel so normal, after feeling so abnormal for so long.

So I am 21 weeks now and when I came back to reception, they booked all my appointments up until my due date! That freaked me out. Then she handed me an information booklet and told me to go register at the hospital! Okay, that really freaked me out. I asked if I could wait until my next appointment, then I would be 25 weeks. I just don’t want to get in the headspace of delivery so early…I am not even at viability yet which is 24 weeks! So I told her I would think about it. She is a new receptionist and I don’t think she understands the head space of infertiles. Weird…I still see myself as infertile, but I am preggers, is that weird?

However, the worst part was that she asked me if I am having a caesar or regular birth! I am freaking only 21 weeks…I don’t have a magic ball to see the future. She is like a booking nazi, does she not realize that babies come in their own time! You can’t schedule this so far in advance….am I being ridiculous? Do they really schedule it so early? So I guess I will have that discussion with the Dr at my next appointment.

All my friends have had caesaerians…. and they all think that is the only way to go. I think a caesarian is really scary! Although I think regular birth is also pretty scary. The whole birthing process is just big and scary to me. I trust my Dr and I know he will advise the best for me. But I have no complications so far, I am not a petite person, I have not had previous caesarians, so I would assume I would have a regular birth…..

I really have tried not to think about the birth part until I am closer to the time, but I guess I have to face the reality that this baby is coming! Crazy…it still doesn’t feel real.


8 thoughts on “The Booking Nazi

  1. Nellie – found your blog a couple of years ago through FC and have been a silent observer since. Havent been here for a while, and OMW YOU ARE PREGNANT!! Congratulations!!! And the cutest little bump! Congrats again sooo happy for you

  2. It seems way early to be scheduling things like that. The most they would schedule me was about 4-5 weeks at a time. I had to go in every week (twice a week) because of my age for monitoring. I think a natural birth is the way to go unless there are complications. It is major surgery and there is a recovery that can last 2 weeks and on. I had one 2.5 weeks before the due date because they were worried about the baby. My recovery wasn’t too bad, but you just never know.

    I also agree to read up on parenting. The birth classes we took don’t really cover what to do once you bring the baby home, other than putting on diapers and bathing. I wish I had had the foresight to read up on techniques to help baby sleep, importance of napping and how to schedule based on awake times in between naps, etc. Our guy did not nap well at all and I wish I had had more guidance on that. Finally at 6 months we got him in a better routine.

    Research on Babycenter. Find topics that you want more info on and read the experience of mother’s posting. I got a lot of helpful real-world info there.

    And most of all, relax (the best you can). When it comes the time to have that baby, it will probably go by faster than you think. Enjoy every moment from now to then! You are more than halfway there! So happy for you!

  3. Wow that’s early in my opinion. I wouldn’t worry too much about it until your next appointment at 24-25 weeks personally.
    And a c section may be “the way to go” but I’ve had one and while my recovery was abnormally smooth/fast, that’s not the same for my friends who have had them or repeats. I would push for vaginally delivery if possible. See what your doctor says. It’s abdominal surgery. It’s not fun lol
    Glad every thing else is well. I feel the same as you- strange to have normal and uneventful check ups lol

  4. Yay! Go the natural birth, I did something called calmbirth which really helped. Basically, the idea is to get the fear out of the way and let nature do it’s thing! Worked for us. Quicker recovery than c section, you can lift sooner etc. What I recommend is read up on parenting. You don’t have time for that when they are here, and it’s a lot more days than the birth!!!!! But get familiar with the stages, transition etc. So you can recognise it when it happens…and I found a few eps of One Born Every Minute actually helped during labour!!! A few things people said on the show stuck in my mind, and it helped a lot during transition and pushing.

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