Wait…and wait some more

So my doubling beta on Sunday came back at 367.5.  More than double.  Definitely in the high end, but only an ultrasound will confirm if there is a singleton or twins…and that will happen on 93 December.

So we wait.  I actually don’t feel much, as there is nothing much I can do and nothing is confirmed so no panic has set in yet.  My little boy has also decided to get the chicken pox, which worried me more at the moment, but I have had chicken pox so should be fine.  I am more exhausted as I am preggers and looking after a toddler with chicken pox. DH is away for work…so I am so tired.

DH is back on Wednesday, so not long now.  I can’t wait to have night time support again…and not to be picking him up.  My back is killing me!  I am really looking forward to being pregnant again – except for weeks 09-16 – that is when I was super nauseous and could hardly eat anything. Hoping this time around is easier!


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