So we had our first scan last week…and it was confirmed we are having twins.  Our Dr showed us the heartbeat and I was all smiles.  Then he said, ‘That is one’ and I said, ‘There is one’, which he replied, ‘That is the one heartbeat…and this is the second’

Two heartbeats.  I am still in shock. After all of our years of trying and failing we hit the mother load on IVF#8… is just so crazy.  

It is slowly sinking in, but I have to admit it is overwhelming to think about it.  So I am definitley in a bit of denial.  DH is over the moon and thinks it is great.  It is taking me a bit more time.

I am excited to be pregnant again, but it is all so different the second time.  My anxiety is different knowing there are two.  I am just going to take it day by day and stay out of my head.

It’s great….but very overwhelming.


4 thoughts on “Two…..

  1. Oh wow. I can understand being overwhelmed. And twin pregnancies can be so damned complicated.

    Congratulations. Congratulations. Twice! Amazing news. Just remember you don’t need to “be” anything. You can be freaked out and happy and scared and nervous and that’s ok. Sit with it. Give it time. X

    • You are so right…I am going to sit with it. This was not in the plan…nothing ever has gone so successfully for us, so it just never was part of our possibilities. I am just going to sit on it for a bit longer. Thanks

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