34 weeks…they will be here very soon!

So a lot of time has passed since my last post.  I am now 34 weeks and my last day of work is tomorrow.  It is just getting too difficult to drive, sit, move…breath!  It has really only been since 32 weeks that I have gotten so big and uncomfortable.

I still can’t believe I am about to have twins!  It is all so surreal.  But we are ready, or as ready as we will ever be.  I am more worried about my 2 year old and how he will manage.  His whole world is about to get very crazy…but he is pretty easy going – for a toddler – so hoping that will continue once babies arrive.

We are monitoring babies weekly now.  They are both measuring nicely, around 2.5kgs and growing every week.  Their growth hasn’t really slowed yet.  They were monitoring me for preeclampsia but nothing they are concerned with so far.  I am having a lot of pelvic pain, so just trying to take it slow.

I can’t really complain.  I have had (another) amazing pregnancy even though carrying twins is definitley more challenging than a singleton.  But I haven’t had any complications and babies are doing well.

So I am hoping for a few days of sleep next week before these babies come.  So hoping they stay put for another week.


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