They are here!

The twins arrived on 06 July.  They are perfect in every way and we are getting into a routine now. They will be three weeks tomorrow and I can’t believe how fast the first weeks have gone!


Their birth was pretty non-eventful, with the exception of them arriving which was monumental!  The anesthesiologist struggled with my spinal and had around four go’s…and I started swearing around number three.  Wasn’t pretty.  But soon all was good in the world when my two babes arrived.

I really was expecting them to go into ICU, but they didn’t!  They were in the room with me the entire time and came home with us…no problems!  So happy.

We are trying hard to keep everyone on a similar schedule and some nights are better than others, but overall it is amazing.  I can’t believe I had twins!  I can’t believe I carried them to just shy of 38 weeks.  I am so proud and so happy they are here…especially happy they are out now so I can have my body back!

So happy! We are a family of five now.  I honestly never thought we would have any babies at all….sweet miracles. What a journey we have had, with three happy endings 🙂