Pinching myself

So my second beta is in…..100.8! More than double! So so so happy and a huge sigh of relief. Just about to head in for another intralipid. DH and I are then off for a weekend away before I head out of the country again for work.

I’ll be out of the country for three weeks, so if my little vampire hangs in for the next while, then will have my first scan the day I get back. I will be 7 weeks by then, so next step is heartbeat!

I’m feeling good, a little tired, sneezy and runny nose and a crampy uterus. But minor really. So far…..


I’ll take it…



Just received my call from the clinic…..beta is 39.5.  I was hoping a little higher, but I guess we will have to see what happens on Friday.  It is all about the doubling, not the number….must stay focused!  Thanks for all of your well wishes, I feel great and positive and so incredibly fortunate at the moment.  I hope this great feeling keeps on rolling.

Let’s play ‘Can you see it!’

So I did an HPT on 6dp5dt and here is what I saw…


Then I did an HPT on 7dp5dt (this morning) and this is what I saw…


Tell me if you see it, but I think there is something feint there. Yesterday my boobs started to blow up and ache so that is a good sign. I am sneezing like crazy and have a runny nose and my uterus is heavy. A mild headache but keeping it at bay with lots of water. Yesterday I started running to the loo way more, but that could be because I am drinking more water.

I have a digital HPT that I will do tomorrow morning, just to confirm before I head out for my beta. So fingers crossed I keep getting good news, I hope I have a strong beta……please, please, please.

10dp3dt – It’s official…for now

Just got the call, it is official, I am pregnant. My beta is 28…a little low, but still a positive result. I test again on Wed and hope that beta doubles spectacularly.

I pray that this continues to be an amazing experience. I pray that my body is able to support this pregnancy. I pray that my little embie(s) will settle comfortably and grow.

Having been on this journey for a very long time, I am doing a tiny little happy dance for having made it to this moment. But I take it all with a grain of salt…so for now a tiny little happy dance.