10dp3dt – It’s official…for now

Just got the call, it is official, I am pregnant. My beta is 28…a little low, but still a positive result. I test again on Wed and hope that beta doubles spectacularly.

I pray that this continues to be an amazing experience. I pray that my body is able to support this pregnancy. I pray that my little embie(s) will settle comfortably and grow.

Having been on this journey for a very long time, I am doing a tiny little happy dance for having made it to this moment. But I take it all with a grain of salt…so for now a tiny little happy dance.


5dp3dt – Hang in there little babies

So I am half way through my 2ww, although it is not really 2 weeks….so happy it is only 10 days. Feeling some light cramping and heaviness in my uterus which is giving me false hope because it could just be AF. I am staying positive though, thinking of my three little babies settling in for the long haul.

I know there are a few others testing on the same day, or close to the same day as me. It is so hard to be the BFN in a group of BFP’s. I know I have always found it hard and although I am genuinely happy for the BFP’s it is still a hard place to be. If you are the BFP, you are happy but feel so guilty because of the BFN’s. So I have decided I will only post my result on my blog. I just hate the mix of seeing congrats and sympathies, it is way too familiar and so difficult for me as I can imagine others as well. My blog is such a nicer place for me to truly express myself and I feel it is much more appropriate for me. I just want to be able to express myself and here is the only place I feel I can without that little voice in the back of my head editing my words and the way I phrase everything because I am more concerned about others than myself.

That being said I am holding thumbs that there are no BFN’s next week for anyone. Wouldn’t that be amazing if there was a magical week throughout the world that had no BFN’s! I am going to hope for that.