So we had our first scan last week…and it was confirmed we are having twins.  Our Dr showed us the heartbeat and I was all smiles.  Then he said, ‘That is one’ and I said, ‘There is one’, which he replied, ‘That is the one heartbeat…and this is the second’

Two heartbeats.  I am still in shock. After all of our years of trying and failing we hit the mother load on IVF#8… is just so crazy.  

It is slowly sinking in, but I have to admit it is overwhelming to think about it.  So I am definitley in a bit of denial.  DH is over the moon and thinks it is great.  It is taking me a bit more time.

I am excited to be pregnant again, but it is all so different the second time.  My anxiety is different knowing there are two.  I am just going to take it day by day and stay out of my head.

It’s great….but very overwhelming.


Day 8 – Warning – crazy woman hooped up on hormones

I spoke too soon.  The hormones have taken over my body and I no longer have control.  Today I had a meeting with the Senior Management about our 2012 planning.  It was like walking into the old boys club…someone made a sarcastic comment and I turned into the Terminator.  I was taking no $%&# from them today.  I walked out of that meeting and was so upset.  Although they deserved the response I gave them, it was definitely more fueled than I normally am.  I can feel myself about to snap at everyone and everything.  It is probably a combination of both the hormones and my anxiety over this cycle.  I think I need to lay low for a few days.

After 5 IVF cycles over the last couple of years, I am sure people are starting to think that this is who I really am….a crazy woman.