Day 30 – Beastly PMS

Today is Day 30. For the last three months I have been having around a 35 day cycle. So I expect AF in 5 more days. I am still having pms and I am very tired now…..AF must come now. I am not sleeping well at night, so I need to take care of that. Nothing worse that a cranky, tired, pms’ing wife. Poor DH.

I had a hectic day at work yesterday. I had to do some shopping for groceries on my way home. When I arrived home I had to feed the furbabies, load the dishwasher and as I started to pack away the groceries DH came home from gym. We chatted and then he plopped down on the couch and turned on the tv. I was still busy in the kitchen trying to put away groceries, think about dinner and I am still in my work clothes and my feet are killing me. So I start feeling irritable…x10 because of my pms. Of course I direct it at poor DH. I told him that I was very tired and my day has not stopped yet. Looking at him having been to gym, now relaxing on the couch I was very irritated. I was very snappy. But wonderful, loving, amazing DH just said, ‘go upstairs, get into something comfy and I’ll pour you a glass of wine’ and with a smile. So I went upstairs, changed into something comfy and came downstairs to a glass of wine and a little cuddle from DH.

It made me relax immediately. He is so good. Although I need to keep this beastly behaviour I have been dishing at him in check. He is only human after all.


IVF 6 = early January….possibly

I have been travelling so much for work lately. Once again I am on the road. I will be flying home tonight for four glorious sleeps in my own bed before I fly again for a two week stint. DH has been away for business for the last four weeks and arrives home Friday….I can’t wait! It has been a hectic last two months and I can’t wait for the holidays. DH and I have decided not to go away for the holidays, we are going to relax at home and celebrate with our furbabies.

I am really looking forward to starting another cycle. We will most likely do a long protocol, so that means a start date around the second week of January….boy, that is really soon! I was hoping to lose a few kgs before that, I will have to be strong during the holidays!


Thinking of next cycle

A few of my fellow blogging gal pals who are still without baby (and we are a dwindling few in my circle I follow) have recently started talking about another cycle. It really has me thinking when I want to start again. I haven’t actually thought about it at all until now. The last two cycles were just way too much heartache. I knew I would do it again, but really didn’t commit myself to any timeline. I always know I am getting ready for another cycle when I start looking at my bank account.

So looks like end of Jan, if AF cooperates. I can’t believe I am almost here again. It feels ok though…I’m ready to try again.