Embies snuggling nicely

The babies are back on board! Two beautiful embies and we are in heaven dreaming of the possibilities. I also had a round of intralipids to help the process along. No snow babies unfortunately, but I am so pleased with these two.

Testing next Wednesday, but of course I will start POAS on Monday ;). Resting nicely now and dreaming of beautiful embies snuggling in.

Thanks for all the well wishes….


A perfect half dozen


So we learned today that we have a perfect half dozen embies! All six are looking really great and we will do a 5 day transfer on Tuesday. My first 5 day transfer….so exciting! The embryologist is so happy with the embies and both DH and I are thrilled. I still can’t believe this is all happening, it seems so surreal as we have never had this kind of success before. I would love to have some frosties as back up just in case this transfer is not successful. I will definitely put back 2, but I guess we have to see how the embies are doing by Tuesday.

So excited and now can’t wait to get home!

Babies are home safe and sound

So we ended up with 3 embies back on board. Transfer went very well. Two embies are grade 1 and one is grade 3…but we thought he would be good company for the others.

I am now waiting for the Intralipid to run out, then I can head home to visualise my babies settling in for the long haul. We are also using Clexane this time, so daily injections for the next eight days.

I test on 30 August….but will HPT the day before. Hoping this is the beginning of a new adventure!

Mother load

I am telling you…this IVF journey is full of twists and turns. Nothing is as it seems and you can never predict anything!

We have four embies! The most we have ever had. Two good ones and two not so good. The embies come back on board the mothership tomorrow so we will see if we still have four by then.

Yeah Fostimon! It definitley had a role in this cycle. I said to DH this morning before we called the embryologist that if we have good embryos our FS is going to be resistant to do DE….if this cycle doesn’t work and we have to go again. I get it…but I am just so tired, I want to get on with my life.

Anyways….good news on a Sunday! Yeah! Let’s hope this is the last cycle!

Waking up with my babies

This morning I woke up with three little babies inside me.  Good morning sweet little babies that I dream about!   I am still so over the moon at how great this cycle has gone.  However, I am still very aware of the possibilities of it all going terribly wrong…but I am forcing myself to stay very positive and believe that it will happen.  I went to bed before DH last night, to spend some time doing a little meditation about my embryos and visualising them growing.  I am so proud of my little embryos already, they are like little people already in my mind.  I am so proud of their growth, I feel so confident that they are going to keep growing…for the first time I am really seeing my babies.

Ok…maybe I am hallucinating or having some kind of progesterone melt-down.  I am still the hardened VET who knows that anything and everything can go horribly wrong at any point in time.  I just feel like it is my time.  I must believe it.  It can happen, I have seen it with so many others who have tried and failed so many times.  I know that all the negative energy will start seeping in a few days before I test.  I am going to try really hard to keep all those negative feelings at bay and focus on the miracle that we have three amazing embryos back on board.

Today I have three babies.  Today they are all here with me.  Today I am happy and excited for the future.  Today is a good day.  Today I do not have to take a Gestone shot…..pure evil 😉

Back on board the Mothership

We had three glorious, amazing, perfect 8 cell embryos today.  I am still so in awe because I have never had more than two perfectly growing embies.  I usually have a few 4-6 cells who are late bloomers.  For 100% of my embies to be such great quality….wowzers.  I am the embie making machine!  I am so proud of my eggs and my DH’s little swimmers.  I still can’t believe it.  The transfer went so smoothly, perfect placement.  My bladder was about to explode, but it is all worth it.  The embryologist told us that she had ‘words’ with our embryos and told them that we have waited long enough, they must keep growing nicely.  After 5 IVF’s we could practically rent a room from the FS.

After the transfer, they set up the IV for the Intralipids.  This is the first time I am having Intralipids, so wasn’t sure what to expect.  It is not often that you have as many IVFs as I have had and not be able to list every single step.  I will state for the record once more, I could run my own IVF cycle.  DH told me he could easily operate an ultrasound after all these years.  If only I could brew the drugs myself, then we would really have a home industry to consider.  The Intralipids took just over an hour, not bad, but totally boring.  When I get my BFP (so positive), I will get Intralipids weekly.  I still think it is a bit of an overkill, but the FS says it can’t hurt it can only help.  So I will have to remember to bring a book next time.

Grow little embies….grow, grow, grow.  I know that we are ready for you.  Testing on the 15th….although HP T is already planned for the 13th…he he he.

Three little embies!!!

I cannot believe that we have three glorious embies from only five that were retrieved!  I have never had more than a 30-40% fertilisation rate….I am totally in shock!  Soooooooo happy……soooooo unbelievably happy.  I am so emotional and it is so crazy because I usually don’t take this step so seriously.  I think because I am getting older and we have been talking about other options I was not expecting this result.  I still can’t believe it.  Three.  Three beautiful, wonderful embies.  I am hoping that odd numbers are in my favour.  Three embies, this is our fifth IVF and we are transferring on the fifth day of August.  Wait a minute…..we also had five eggs retrieved…..there is a string of fives.

Well I don’t care what numbers mean to anyone else, these are my lucky numbers and these little embies are going to come back on board tomorrow and settle in for the long haul.  So transfer tomorrow with Intralipids….so excited and hope it goes well.  I am going to have a hard time focusing today after this great news.  The Appletisers are on me!  Cheers!