Mother load

I am telling you…this IVF journey is full of twists and turns. Nothing is as it seems and you can never predict anything!

We have four embies! The most we have ever had. Two good ones and two not so good. The embies come back on board the mothership tomorrow so we will see if we still have four by then.

Yeah Fostimon! It definitley had a role in this cycle. I said to DH this morning before we called the embryologist that if we have good embryos our FS is going to be resistant to do DE….if this cycle doesn’t work and we have to go again. I get it…but I am just so tired, I want to get on with my life.

Anyways….good news on a Sunday! Yeah! Let’s hope this is the last cycle!


Three little embies!!!

I cannot believe that we have three glorious embies from only five that were retrieved!  I have never had more than a 30-40% fertilisation rate….I am totally in shock!  Soooooooo happy……soooooo unbelievably happy.  I am so emotional and it is so crazy because I usually don’t take this step so seriously.  I think because I am getting older and we have been talking about other options I was not expecting this result.  I still can’t believe it.  Three.  Three beautiful, wonderful embies.  I am hoping that odd numbers are in my favour.  Three embies, this is our fifth IVF and we are transferring on the fifth day of August.  Wait a minute…..we also had five eggs retrieved…..there is a string of fives.

Well I don’t care what numbers mean to anyone else, these are my lucky numbers and these little embies are going to come back on board tomorrow and settle in for the long haul.  So transfer tomorrow with Intralipids….so excited and hope it goes well.  I am going to have a hard time focusing today after this great news.  The Appletisers are on me!  Cheers!