Beaucoup d’œufs

Egg retrieval was today.  18 eggs!  Wowzers!  So transfer is on Thursday.  We will see on Monday how many eggs fertilized and are doing well.  My lining is good…so all is on track.

It is all very exciting!


A perfect half dozen


So we learned today that we have a perfect half dozen embies! All six are looking really great and we will do a 5 day transfer on Tuesday. My first 5 day transfer….so exciting! The embryologist is so happy with the embies and both DH and I are thrilled. I still can’t believe this is all happening, it seems so surreal as we have never had this kind of success before. I would love to have some frosties as back up just in case this transfer is not successful. I will definitely put back 2, but I guess we have to see how the embies are doing by Tuesday.

So excited and now can’t wait to get home!

ER booked!

So egg retrieval is on Thursday. It is so strange to be away while this is all going on! But also a relief in a strange way….it just feels right. I am handing over some of the power and I really thought it would be so much harder emotionally than this. I am actually excited, of the possibility of this finally happening. It is actually good to be working so much at the moment as although it is in the back of my head, I am not really thinking too much about it.

They are going to tell me how many eggs they get at retrieval. I am hoping lots and I am hoping we get some good embies! We will know soon! I guess they will tell us embie numbers on Saturday. So exciting! I am only home on Monday, so transfer will either be late Monday or early Tuesday. My first 5 day transfer!!!

Retrieval done

We had 6 eggs retrieved….so we will now wait to see how many fertilise. We call the embryologist on Sunday morning to find out how many little embies we have.

I am glad this part is over. Just resting and getting ready to leave the hospital. Will be nice to be back in my own bed.

So now we pray and hope and wait…..again.

Looking good….

Well I had my scan yesterday and another today. Looks like 6-8 follies…good sizes. So we trigger tomorrow night and ER will be Friday morning. Hoping for four from ER…that might mean one or two good embies. But wishful thinking.

The best part of my scan was after when the sister told me that DH and I must ‘do it’ tonight so that we have nice fresh sperm on Friday. I laughed so hard and told her that this was a first. She had never advised me to do this before. We had a nice laugh.

So here we go…..hoping Friday goes well. Will let you know.