If I were a gambling woman…

My 10 day scan was this morning. I was very pleased to see 5 good follies on my right ovary and a few smaller guys. The smaller ones probably won’t catch up at this point. There were a few follies on my left ovary, but I never count those as they have never been able to retrieve from my left as it is a bit shy and hides under my bowel. After the scan, I was speaking to the Sister and saying best case for retrieval is probably 3, worst case is 1. Then we will just need to see how many embies we get. It really is a gambling game this IVF.

So a few more days of stims. They have dropped me down to 2 Menopur (instead of 3) and 1 Fostimon for the next couple of days. I have another scan on Monday and ER will most likely be Wednesday or maybe Thursday. My inlaws arrive Thursday afternoon….so it looks like I will have ER before they arrive…phew!

I can feel my ovaries, they are starting to get a bit sore. Poor DH is also taking a beating as I am quite hormonal. I go from angry – to crying – to slightly hysterical. So I am working hard to keep calm and relaxed, as well as keep some sane perspective on everything. The hormonal thing really sneaks up on you. I had a ‘moment’ yesterday where I completely lost the plot. As I was having my meltdown I actually thought to myself – you are hysterical. So I realised that I am definitely a bit of a hormonal mess at the moment.

So now I am snuggled up on the couch with my tea and my cat….soaking up the last days of the Olympics. I have been watching the 10m diving and am convinced someone is going to crack their head on that concrete slab. Freaky!


Hail Mary Pass

So I had my Day 3 (on Day 2) scan this morning. My FS gave me some bad news. My AMH is 0.4….which can be expected as I am 38, so you would expect to see it dropping. I had a 1.3 last year, so was surprised it went down so fast. but not unexpected. My Antral Follicle Count (AFC) was 5, which is also quite low. The conversation was rather positive than negative. We have decided to go ahead with the cycle as both AMH and AFC are indicators of ovarian reserve, but not absolutes. We need to see how my follicles stimulate and the quality of the eggs I produce. My FS is optimistic as I have always been a good responder to stimulation. We have never had more than three embryos so I am used to low numbers. The FS also said that as I have been pregnant with my own eggs (although baba only stuck around until week 7), this is also an indicator that we should keep moving forward.

We are going to stimulate hard with a mix of Menopur and Fostimon, which is a first for me. In older ladies (like me and my gray hairs) the lower acidity of the added Fostimon is supposed to work a bit better. We shall see. However, the FS and I spoke a lot about what this means. It basically means this will be my last shot with my own eggs. DH and I were ready to do donor eggs last year, so not too much of a surprise or adjustment for us. So I am moving forward and hoping for the best. I just want to get to retrieval, which says I can produce eggs. That will be step one, then I will worry about getting to transfer. If we do get to transfer, we will do Intralipids immediately after transfer, which is also a first. I only did them before once I was pregnant. We are also going to do Clexhane at transfer as well, so hopefully that will also assist.

All guns in. Last attempt with my own. Hoping for the best…but not the end of the road. DE is definitely on the cards. Feeling optimistic….but don’t really have a choice now, do I ? Ladies please send me all your happy-love-juju-positive-light-energy-peace-hope-vibe….praying that this is my ‘Hail Mary’ pass.

First shot…..put ’em up!

Well today was the first injection of the next 30 or so that will take me through my next IVF cycle. I don’t mind the Lucrin, the needles are fine, there is no mixing and it is only in the morning. It is Day 3 when the Menopur shots kick in that I start getting very anxious….those needles are big! The sister spoke to me of a possible Menopur Fostimon mix for stimulation, as they have had positive results with women *huge sigh* my age. We shall see what my FS recommends on Day 3. He also suggested a low dose anti-coagulent, so not sure if that is still on the table. I am still waiting for my AMH results. I am sure they are in…but they haven’t contacted me. I should give them a ring.

I did something I said I wasn’t going to do. I told someone about my upcoming IVF cycle. She is a good friend and colleague and I know she will keep it tight. She has been hinting at it for a while with me, so I am sure she already knew. She has also been through several rounds of IVF, but years ago before they decided to adopt. It is nice to not have secrets, but it is also added stress having other people know. I am hoping it will be fine. Anyways, cats out of the bag now with her…so not much I can do.

Last night DH and I went out for a ‘we’re making a baby’ dinner. Very nice little Italian spot. Of course DH had a glass of wine, coffee….the works….me nada. I am off the wine completely this time, as even a little bit impacts my sleep and I really want to be in top form. Unless it gets hairy and I might have to sneak a sip. Anywho….we had a nice dinner and chatted a lot about just seeing what happens. We are prepared to do another cycle before the end of the year. So we will take it as it comes.


So I picked up the Lucrin this morning. Had a lovely visit with the sister. She suggested maybe we try a Fostimon and Menopur mix once we start stimulating. She also told me about the very positive Intralipid results they are having at the clinic. I left with my Lucrin only to receive a phone call a few hours later…..my FS is going to be away beginning of July.

Argh! So IVF#6 will be delayed one month. C’est la vie! One more month to lose some kilos and get my body ready…..focusing on the positives!