Day 10 – Little baby follies

I just came back from my Day 10 scan and was happy to see that there were lots of good sized follies, but they are still quite small on Day 10.  The FS tried to see my left ovary again, but I have long given up on that hidden ovary and have resigned myself to a ‘one-ovary’ gal.  So I have about 5 leading follies and a few followers, so they may catch up and I might have a few more.  We will see on the Day 12 scan to determine if retrieval will be on Monday or Tuesday.  I will be so happy to have retrival done and hopefully I get at least three nice embies for transfer.  I have rarely had more than three to transfer and always have done a Day 3 transfer, so I am assuming that my pattern will remain.

I didn’t sleep well last night at all, was awake since 2:30am and am now really wishing I could have a coffee.  Not sure if it is the hormones causing the insomnia, or the anxiety. I gave up coffee a little over a year ago.  I am a rooibos feen now.  I still have the occaisional cappuchino now and again, but rarely.  I am hoping that this one little sacrifice is helping my fertility a little extra….maybe my egg quality!  That would be nice!

So on to Day 12!


Day 1 – What will this cycle hold?

Day 1 finally arrived on Tuesday 19 July. I have my Day 3 scan on Thursday and pick up my Menopur…I hate those larger syringes and I hate all the mixing. Lucrin is so nice and easy, I wish all the injections were easy. I am looking forward to talking to the FS further about Intralipids as this will be the first cycle I will be including them. Then there is another long wait until Day 10, then hopefully I will have lots of nice follies. I am just so glad that Day 1 is here and I can move onto the next phase of this cycle. I am having trouble sleeping now. I am not sure if it is the hormones or if it is the anxiety. My mind is definitely full of thoughts, fears and worries about a lot of things, not just IVF. I really need to focus on the moment and let go of these thoughts because they are doing me no good at 2am! I suffered from insomnia for about a year in 2003 and I found that a wind down routine before bed always helped. When all else fails, go back to the bedtime routine you had when you were 3 years old….bath, quiet time, sleep! So I am really going to double up on my meditation and allowing my mind to slow down. It is not always that easy, but I need to make it a priority, as good sleep is the base of good health. I want so much for this cycle to work. IVF is truly a waiting game, so I will hurry up and wait!