Thoughts on Omega’s

I have been reading some intriguing research around omega 3 & 6 during pregnancy. The evidence is there for taking it during pregnancy; more specifically in the third trimester and while breast feeding.

What I am interested in knowing is the level of benefit during the first and second trimester. Of course the manufacturers state ‘throughout’ because it is not harmful, but helps their bottom line if women take it throughout pregnancy. However, this stuff is expensive….and you must take the good stuff so it won’t get cheaper with other brands. So if the benefits are lower or minimal in the first or second trimester…then I would wait to start taking it. But I can’t find anything about the specific benefits by trimester.

Ladies, what so you think? Is it worthwhile taking throughout the pregnancy or starting at a specific point. I see the sister next week for my intralipid so will also ask her opinion.




I was so nervous at my scan. Just before my FS was about to wand me he received an urgent phone call and had to step out for 10 min. Leaving me wand ready on the table with DH to calm me down.

Wand finally went in…..and one strong heartbeat! I can’t believe it. The sound of that heartbeat….it took my breath away. I am in shock.

I am now relaxing with my intralipid drip. So crazy. It really hasn’t sunk in yet. I am in shock. I am actually relieved it was only one heartbeat. The possibility of multiples terrified me, so I am just so happy! Baby is measuring 7w1d and due date is 26 April 2014. I am in shock.

Yippppppeeeee! Next scan in two weeks…I hope I can make it.


Pinching myself

So my second beta is in…..100.8! More than double! So so so happy and a huge sigh of relief. Just about to head in for another intralipid. DH and I are then off for a weekend away before I head out of the country again for work.

I’ll be out of the country for three weeks, so if my little vampire hangs in for the next while, then will have my first scan the day I get back. I will be 7 weeks by then, so next step is heartbeat!

I’m feeling good, a little tired, sneezy and runny nose and a crampy uterus. But minor really. So far…..

Babies are home safe and sound

So we ended up with 3 embies back on board. Transfer went very well. Two embies are grade 1 and one is grade 3…but we thought he would be good company for the others.

I am now waiting for the Intralipid to run out, then I can head home to visualise my babies settling in for the long haul. We are also using Clexane this time, so daily injections for the next eight days.

I test on 30 August….but will HPT the day before. Hoping this is the beginning of a new adventure!

9dp3dt – Drum roll please

I did my standard HPT’s yesterday, which are the Dis-Chem brand, that is my HPT of choice. I’ve used all the brands over the years, but the Dis-Chem brand have always been the most sensitive and the ones with the clearest feint lines. So after peeing on way too many sticks yesterday I got a lot of feint lines. Yeah! But I didn’t want to post because I always do the ‘holy grail’ of all HPT’s the day before I do my blood test. The Clearblue Digital…so worth the investment. So I just did the Clearblue and it very clearly says ‘Pregnant’.

Yipeeeee! It is a start, we still need to see what our beta is to make sure it is viable. If the beta is good than I will start Intralipids weekly until my 6 week scan. I have never heard of anyone taking Intralipid weekly, but if it is going to keep this baby-babies in, then I am all for it. No more run-aways for me….pretty please.

To those who follow my blog and have been on the long road of multiple IVF’s and many disappointments, and are testing this week as well…a feint line is a good sign. Now go and get a Clearblue digital! Wishing you an amazing beta!