Day 7 – Brain fog and a few tears

Well today is Day 7 and I am really looking forward to my Day 10 scan.  I want to see how many follies there are and hopefully it will not be much longer before retrieval.  Based on my previous cycles, I am anticipating that retrieval will be next Monday 01 August.  I am starting to feel my ovaries, which is a bit crazy because I usually don’t feel them all laden with follies until around Day 12.  Hoping all is ok.  I am getting a little foggy in my brain, so I know the hormones are kicking in at full speed.  Last cycle I ran the whole side of my car up against a brick pillar my brain was in such a fog.  I am really hoping I don’t do anything that extreme this time.  I am also struggling to sleep, often waking in the middle of the night, or up to the loo.  I am drinking a tonne of water trying to keep the hormone headaches at bay.  I am a little teary, feeling a little emotional these days, but I think that is also the hormones at work.

All in all…not bad.  I really hope this works….starting to get anxious.  Hopefully only another week of shots, my belly is starting to look like a dartboard.  Shame, poor DH jabbed me like a rhino last night so have a bit of bruising, but other than that just a lot of little red dots.  I hate the Menopur, all that mixing and the needle never goes smoothly.  The Lucrin is so much easier.  I usually use all the syringes that the clinic gives me, but they were short on a few for the Lucrin, so I went to the pharmacy and bought a few insulin syringes….they were like heaven!  The needle went in like a hot knife in butter…beauty!  I love it when that happens. With my needle phobia, the smoother, the better.

TIP – I did find with the Menopur that if I draw up with the mixing needle, then put on the injection needle, it goes in a lot smoother.  I think the needles are pretty soft and the rubber top on the Menopur is thick.  So when I use the injection needle to draw it up, it must make the needle a little blunt.


Injection Superstar

2 down and many more to go, but so far so good. DH is definitely a superstar when it comes to injections. It also helps that we are only on the Lucrin right now which has those nice little insulin needles. It gradually gets worse from here with the larger gauge for the Menopur and then those awful I’m progesterone injections. I don’t know why I have so much anxiety around injections, although I can say it is much, much better. Still the thought of injecting myself sends me into a bit of panic, but more and more I think about how it is a possibility rather than an absolute no go area. I am sure I could dig deep and do it if forced, but I have DH so there is no need. It is also a great way to involve him in the process.