Let’s play ‘Can you see it!’

So I did an HPT on 6dp5dt and here is what I saw…


Then I did an HPT on 7dp5dt (this morning) and this is what I saw…


Tell me if you see it, but I think there is something feint there. Yesterday my boobs started to blow up and ache so that is a good sign. I am sneezing like crazy and have a runny nose and my uterus is heavy. A mild headache but keeping it at bay with lots of water. Yesterday I started running to the loo way more, but that could be because I am drinking more water.

I have a digital HPT that I will do tomorrow morning, just to confirm before I head out for my beta. So fingers crossed I keep getting good news, I hope I have a strong beta……please, please, please.



It feels so nice to type 5dt, as it just has so much more hope to it. I feel so lucky to finally be part of the 5dt club!

So I have been laying low, I haven’t had any symptoms, other than a heavy twitchy uterus and being tired. But I think this is due to the 6mg of estrogen and three Cyclogest a day. I am in a hormone haze. I had a migraine of note from day of transfer until Thursday. So I had to cave and take some paracetamol….although it did nothing. I was crying to DH for some ‘real’ drugs but no luck. Fortunately the migraine lifted yesterday. I was nervous that maybe it was the prontogest injection on Tuesday that triggered the migraine, and I had to have another yesterday, but so far so good. My head is not bad today. I keep squeezing my boobs hoping for some soreness, but nothing so far. I should know by now that I shouldn’t read into anything this early.

So tomorrow will be 5dp5dt, and I will probably POAS, although I know it is super early still. I’ll POAS until I go for my beta on Wednesday. I’m hopeful still, but you know how it goes, the closer to beta the more we start doubting it could happen. DH is so nervous this time around, he is usually the cool one. He keeps asking when I am going to POAS. It’s really cute.

Next weekend we are going away with some friends, so if it is positive I will celebrate with lemonade and if negative drown my sorrows in a Cabernet Sauvignon.


I did two HPT’s this morning, both negative. I have a digital for tomorrow. I am really hoping that it is too early…although with my previous pregnancies I had a faint line on 8dp3dt. Maybe I will be lucky with a late implanter not showing up so soon.

Last clexane and gestone shot this morning. I hate thinking that I am taking these shots for nothing.

I have a job interview today…so maybe that will go well. Something has to.