37 weeks – Eviction Notice Served

I can’t believe I am 37 weeks and these babies have not budged!  I definitely thought they would be here by now.  They are both around 3.0kgs, nice and big for twins….but what a load to carry! Although they have dropped and both heads are down low, my lungs and stomach are in my throat!

So we have a Caesar scheduled for Wednesday, unless I go into labour ahead of time.  My Dr decided to go overseas to a conference this week (without telling me!) so I am kind of freaking out.  Although his stand in is an amazing OB with a tonne of experience, so I am in good hands regardless, but you still want your own Dr.  

I have been on leave for two weeks now, although work keeps calling me.  It is nice to be needed, but I really need to focus on these babies now.  I am hoping that when the babies come, work will leave me alone for a bit.  I have been able to rest and sleep and just completely zone out most of the time, which has been amazing knowing all the work and sleepless nights that are coming.

I am still in shock that there are two babies!  Still so unreal.  Anyways, next post will hopefully be the birth story.  Gosh it goes by fast…I have loved being pregnant, but so ready for babies to be outside of me now. I want my body back please 🙂