Barfy New Year

I am 11 weeks now…crazy.  I had some slight nausea, but it has decided to kick into high gear the last couple of days.  So although I went to bed at 830pm last night and didn’t have any New Years libations…I feel hung over.  Ugh.

I am definitely starting to show, way early but I guess that is normal for your second and there are two.  I still can’t believe we are having two.  We have our next scan in a week and I hope everything is fine.  Not as much heartburn so far, but boy am I nauseous.  I am hoping this subsides soon, I am way more nauseous this time around.

We just arrived home yesterday from travels to the family for Christmas.  It was a long drive, but our little one – who is almost 2! – did really well for his first road trip.  

I am really excited to find out the sex of these other fellas, but will have to wait a few more weeks for that.  Then it will all start being a little more real.  My mom is arriving in 3 weeks, and we haven’t told her we are pregnant yet.  So that will be fun.  So lots to look forward to…other than this nausea!